Day 2: new bra

My underwear has become somewhat mundane and boring over the years, so instead of my usual approach of buying something new to diet into, I have decided to buy a few new sexy underwear pieces to fit me now.  I am loving the way I feel in them, and already feel 100 times better than I did 2 days ago. I also went shopping in my own closet and found 2 brand new bras that I’ve never worn and had forgotten about. I am wearing the raspberry coloured one today, and I must say my boobs are looking good in it.   They are hot!!  I am walking with confidence and my boobs in the air, I love it.

Breakfast: small dollop of bircher muesli, lunch: BLAT (minus the T, plus C), dinner: beef and vegie stir fry.

I’m feeling good.



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