Day 4:

I woke up earlier than usual today, and for the first time in a long time I had a spring in my step.  I’m still feeling great however I spent more time at home today with my sick bubba and did catch myself thinking about snacking.  I didnt, but I need to maintain momentum so I don’t fall into (hopefully) old habits.  This blog is my way of helping with commitment.  I’m loving my new underwear can’t help but showing it off to my other half.

I’ve seen some jeans I want, Embody Denim white jeans.  I might wait until I’ve lost some weight, but I really want them.  Gah!  What to do…?

Breakfast: bircher muesli, lunch: chicken chipolata cut in half with lettuce on a sandwich, dinner: haloumi and lentil salad.  2x glassea of wine (much needed!!!).

Anyway, thats today.  So far, so good!
Night night everyone.


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