Day 6: 5th year old birthday party

Today we had a cruisy saturday involving coffee, park, walking, relaxing in our garden and swimming in the (little) pool.   It was lovely.  I felt exhausted today and had to push myself that little bit harder.  At 3pm we went to a friends 5 year old birthday party, my friends like to drink so it would have been rude not to have a glass or two of bubbles (and wine).   We decided to pick up some Indian food for dinner, being a coeliac indian is a fairly safe choice.  We don’t order take away that often and ordering it tonight was the best thing for us as it was absolutely terrible!  After living in the north of England for a few years, we arrived back over this side of the world and could not find a decent curry anywhere, so we got into the habit of making indian food ourselves and roasting and grinding our own spices etc.  For convenience ordering take away is easy but it is always so gross, as was the case tonight.   I ate some (still a normal portion size) but I really didnt like it and hated putting that crap into my body, I don’t think we will order take away again.  I love cooking and would rather put the effort into making it myself with quality ingredients and a little splash of love!  

Brekky: can you guess…. bircher muesli! Lunch: egg, chive and lettuce (grown from our garden), Dinner: god awful indian takeaway!! 



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