2014; how did it stack up?

That’s an interesting question.  2014 has been a weird old year, I am incredibly happy grateful and in love with my family, had time to reflect on so called friendships and make the move away from negative influences, and have decided once and for all that it’s time to move back to our families, back home.  All in all it’s been a pretty huge year!

My main triumph has been the realisation of who is important in my life and who is not. It was not an easy task I might add, but one that has made me be more honest with myself and focus and invest in those who really matter in my life.

So the positive steps we have made in 2014 have set us up for a fabulous year in 2015.  My main goal in life is to be happy and healthy, and if I can get that right my kids will be happy and healthy too.  Roll on 2015, we are ready for you!

Happy New Year everyone.   Invest in those who invest in you. 



Fancy a New Year’s Eve tipple..

Me too!  New Years Eve has always had a magical air about it for me.  For as long I can remember my parents and their friends used to hire the club rooms at a local tennis club and have a massive party for everyone they knew.    My family would spend hours doing our hair, a little bit of make-up and putting on our party dresses.  It was lot’s of fun.

When I was 18 my Dad died suddenly, he just stopped one saturday morning at 11am and the age of 47.   We didn’t have the tennis club parties after that, it just wasn’t right without him.  Those parties however set the scene for New Years Eve for me, magical parties surrounded by family and true friends.  This year just our small wee family are going to do what most Sydney siders do and watch the fireworks from a nearby park, with a 5 year old and a 19 month old it’s easier to run home if the kids crack and we need to leave.  The fireworks are always spectacular and this may be our last New Years Eve in Sydney so it seems only right to pay our respects to the huge firework effort.  Next year when we are back with our family and friends the magical parties I’m used too will happen once again.  I’m pretty sure Dad will be there, he never missed a good party!

Stay safe.


I love Christmas!  I love everything about it, the build up, putting up the tree, Santa photos, the planning, eating, drinking, hanging out with family and true friends, drinking.  It’s lots of fun.   Diet and excercise haven’t gone completely out the window over this silly season, I have been “trying” to be sensible.   Sometimes I have succeeded, sometimes I haven’t.  My weak spot is definitely alcohol it always has been, champagne is fun and flows freely this time of year.  I’m not bothered, it’s only for a week or two and it’s worth it.  We have had an amazing Christmas and the new year part of the holidays is shaping up the same way. 

We did go for a big walk this morning and I even ran a bit.  It was lovely to get back out there and excercise, it was actually very satisfying.  I might do the same tomorrow.



Day 9: keep it real

I was looking through Instagram this morning and looking at pictures of Sophie Sheppard and Katie Wilcox, supposed ‘plus size’ models.  Seriously? These women are beautiful, natural, stunning and HEALTHY!  I just don’t understand how they can be labeled plus size.  To me the term plus size is almost a derogatory term, as though plus size is a second class model.  These girls represent the body shape of more women than the likes of Kate Moss etc, so why are they not on the covers of all our magazines?  The bodies they have are far more achievable than super skinny photoshopped models and they look so healthy.  I just don’t get it, I don’t understand why we have such unachievable images all around us as though they are something to aspire to.  I’m pretty sure I’m not just saying this because I am in my 30’s and have given birth to 2 kids, I have struggled with body issues for most of my life, courtesy of a dieting fanatic mother who didn’t teach us healthy nutrition but taught us to drink water when were hungry and do the Jane Fonda workout daily (my legwarmers were super cool though!).

It worries me that with tools like photoshop it will only get worse, so goodness knows what body image issues my children will aquire.  Why can’t we keep it real, keep it healthy while giving us something to aspire to that is actually achievable!

Brekky: 2 pieces of GF toast with organic honey.  Lunch: poached eggs on toast with mushrooms.  Dinner: parmesan and pistachio crumbed chicken salad (home made).


For real life inspiration, follow : @healthyisthenewskinny on Instagram.

Day 8:

I love the not being on a diet diet!  I feel amazing, have so much more energy and my slight hunger is an invigorating hunger.  I feel prettier too, prettier with perky boobs!   I haven’t gone full force into excercise this time, but will start introducing swimming, walking and maybe pilates at home soon.

I had an awesome hair day today, albeit only for the shops but it looked good.   I love making more of an effort, I think it suits me.

That’s all from me today, having an early one.  Night night.

Brekky: toast, yep toast.  Lunch: egg salad sandwich.  Dinner: parmesan and pistachio crumbed chicken salad.  All made at home.  xo