Day 9: keep it real

I was looking through Instagram this morning and looking at pictures of Sophie Sheppard and Katie Wilcox, supposed ‘plus size’ models.  Seriously? These women are beautiful, natural, stunning and HEALTHY!  I just don’t understand how they can be labeled plus size.  To me the term plus size is almost a derogatory term, as though plus size is a second class model.  These girls represent the body shape of more women than the likes of Kate Moss etc, so why are they not on the covers of all our magazines?  The bodies they have are far more achievable than super skinny photoshopped models and they look so healthy.  I just don’t get it, I don’t understand why we have such unachievable images all around us as though they are something to aspire to.  I’m pretty sure I’m not just saying this because I am in my 30’s and have given birth to 2 kids, I have struggled with body issues for most of my life, courtesy of a dieting fanatic mother who didn’t teach us healthy nutrition but taught us to drink water when were hungry and do the Jane Fonda workout daily (my legwarmers were super cool though!).

It worries me that with tools like photoshop it will only get worse, so goodness knows what body image issues my children will aquire.  Why can’t we keep it real, keep it healthy while giving us something to aspire to that is actually achievable!

Brekky: 2 pieces of GF toast with organic honey.  Lunch: poached eggs on toast with mushrooms.  Dinner: parmesan and pistachio crumbed chicken salad (home made).


For real life inspiration, follow : @healthyisthenewskinny on Instagram.


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