Fancy a New Year’s Eve tipple..

Me too!  New Years Eve has always had a magical air about it for me.  For as long I can remember my parents and their friends used to hire the club rooms at a local tennis club and have a massive party for everyone they knew.    My family would spend hours doing our hair, a little bit of make-up and putting on our party dresses.  It was lot’s of fun.

When I was 18 my Dad died suddenly, he just stopped one saturday morning at 11am and the age of 47.   We didn’t have the tennis club parties after that, it just wasn’t right without him.  Those parties however set the scene for New Years Eve for me, magical parties surrounded by family and true friends.  This year just our small wee family are going to do what most Sydney siders do and watch the fireworks from a nearby park, with a 5 year old and a 19 month old it’s easier to run home if the kids crack and we need to leave.  The fireworks are always spectacular and this may be our last New Years Eve in Sydney so it seems only right to pay our respects to the huge firework effort.  Next year when we are back with our family and friends the magical parties I’m used too will happen once again.  I’m pretty sure Dad will be there, he never missed a good party!

Stay safe.


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