Hi 2015

Happy New Year.  2015 started with a bang for us, a big bang.  I could not be more in love with my family if I tried. 

So 2015 let me unvail my plans for you in bullet point format (it’s too hot today for anything other than bullet points);
– stay happy
– stay healthy
– stay positive
– lose weight (I’m not going to put a figure on it, it will be what it will be) (but it better be some) (a significant some!)
– phase out most of my granny pants, leaving only those for ‘that time of the month (insert eyeball roll)’
– sing loudly into my hair brush in front of my kids to Tiffany (very important life lesson in that)
– move closer to family
– learn to run 5 km
– pinch my kids bums every day

I think that will do, that’s a pretty lovely list.  I have just read these out to my husband who agrees, however he did add that we both already pinch the kids bums everyday and I do already sing loudly into my hairbrush to Tiffany in front of them all and it’s embarrassing.   It’s staying on list!  So enough said, 2015 let’s do it.



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