I heard a word yesterday, and I must say I am quite taken with it.  Unafraid.   This was a word used to describe how one would like to be defined by in 2015.  I like it, I think I’ll join them!

Today I am feeling the overindulgence of the last week, my legs feel like lead and my lungs are heavy (I don’t smoke) (just to be clear).   Our diet has as always been good, a few extra snippets of Christmas chocolate and potato chips, but nothing to be alarmed by.  The main problem is our portion sizes have crept back up, our excercise limited and we have consumed too much alcohol.  This needs to change, now.  Tomorrow we have a very good friends wedding, however our kids have been invited and it’s a 1.5 hour drive away, so the consumption of alcohol should be zero (unless driven to drink by the time we get home).  Tomorrow I shall be unafraid, unafraid to enjoy myself while limiting my intake for the sake of my health.  I think I will ace it!



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