Today I joined a gym.  Every year I phone them up, grill them about membership prices and options and never sign up, I’ve been doing that for about 5 years now.  The main reason I don’t join is I have a very active big dog at home and I feel guilty exercising at a gym when he needs excercising too.  We have recently been told he has mild arthritis and needs to slow down a little, so now is the time I join the gym.

My husband managed to get home by 6pm so I thought I’d ease myself into the gym with the 6.30 pilates class.  Ease myself in with a pilates class -what a dick!!  Pre kids I always did pilates and yoga for years so I thought that was known ground for me and I could do it at my own pace.  I didn’t, I pushed myself and it hurt like hell.  I do feel very proud that I joined the gym and that I dragged myself out at night to do a class.  

We are going home to New Zealand for a family wedding mid February so I want to kick it at the gym for the next 5 weeks so I feel better about myself and get myself out of the overindulgence rut I seem to be in after Christmas.   I’m feeling chuffed with myself tonight.



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