Lovely Avo’s

There is much said about avocados, their health benefits lovely creamy taste and the surprisingly extensive list of ways you can use them.   I have always loved avocados and have become somewhat of an avocado snob.  I get mine sent direct from a farm through a montly subscription, these avocados blow my mind each month, they are ridiculously good and have made me wonder just how old the ones in the supermarket are, how they are grown and why on earth did I ever buy them.  While farmer market avocados are a good back up if I have run out, they still don’t come close to my subscription avocados.  Every few months I get a different variety depending on what is in season.  I have not had a delivery for 3 months as there has been none in season but I recieved a delivery this morning.   I am so excited, I have missed these babies so much!

So what is my all time favourite avocado dish?  Avocado on toast with crumbled feta or homemade ricotta with a light scatter of fresh red chilli (or dried chilli flakes if our chilli plant is out of season), and sometimes a tiny drizzle of macadamia oil if I feel I need it.  Keep it simple!  There are a whole ton of desserts you can use avocados for like chocolate mouse, chocolate truffles etc which are really good but I do prefer to keep it simple with my farm avocados so I can enjoy their gorgeous flavour. 

I am an avocado snob and I am proud to be one! 




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