Feeling pretty good today, I feel slightly hungry but it’s an invigorating hungry and I have tons more energy.  I’m being a lot more level headed today too (I think!), my 18 month old just squirted yoghurt all over the couch and then cried for 10 mins, it didn’t bother me.  Yoghurt accidents happen.  I also feel a little prettier today, not for any reason, I’m not wearing anymore make-up than usual or nicer clothes, I just feel prettier.  It’s nice.  My husband might just get lucky tonight….

Breakfast: small dollop bircher muesli (I am totally a creature of habit), lunch: 1 egg and mushrooms on toast, dinner: steak salad.

Today is positive.   Lou.x


Day 2: new bra

My underwear has become somewhat mundane and boring over the years, so instead of my usual approach of buying something new to diet into, I have decided to buy a few new sexy underwear pieces to fit me now.  I am loving the way I feel in them, and already feel 100 times better than I did 2 days ago. I also went shopping in my own closet and found 2 brand new bras that I’ve never worn and had forgotten about. I am wearing the raspberry coloured one today, and I must say my boobs are looking good in it.   They are hot!!  I am walking with confidence and my boobs in the air, I love it.

Breakfast: small dollop of bircher muesli, lunch: BLAT (minus the T, plus C), dinner: beef and vegie stir fry.

I’m feeling good.


Day 1: bye bye granny pants

So day one is done.  Breakfast was a small serve of bircher muesli from home, lunch a GF BLAT sandwich (minus the T, plus C (cheese)) and dinner chicken larb. 

On the way to the supermarket I stopped into my local lingerie shop, the brief being sexy big girl panties.  My mission was a success and I walked away with 3 pairs of sexy undies and a Yummie Tummie by Heather Thomson teddie.  I have thrown away all my daggy grannies, leaving only the Berlei barely there’s as they fit well and will see me through my transition to full time sexy undies.  I’m excited. Lou.x


Phase one, ditching the granny pants.

I wear granny pants.  I love them.  They are big, they are thin, there is no visible panty line, they cover my entire bum, tum and love handles.   They hide a multitude of sins, and I love them for it.  But now it’s time to say goodbye and replace them with smaller sexier versions that I can dance around the house in in front of my husband.  I first started wearing granny pants after my first son was born 5 years ago.  They helped me deal with my post preggie body, however still wearing them 5 years later (admittedly I have had another son in that time, but he is now 18 months old) they need to go.  I want to start feeling sexy again, I want my husband to look twice at me and I want to feel that glint of naughtiness and sexiness that I did pre-kids.  I’m not aiming for a body that I can’t achieve, I just want to look healthy and feel sexy.  So here is my wish list:

– drop 35 kilos

– learn to run 5 km’s

– fit into a pair of kneehigh boots for winter

– do something about the chronic eczema on my feet (it’s very manky and embarrassing)

Now I know dropping 35 kilos sounds extreme, but let me put it into perspective.  I am just shy of 6 foot tall and fairly big boned, I can fluctuate 5 kilos just with my period, so 35 kilos is not unachievable (truly, I have talked it over with my doctor many times).  There is nothing petite about my body shape, but when I am a healthy weight I look fantastic.  I don’t aspire to be super skinny, I just want to look healthy again.  I am a coeliac (allergic to gluten) so we do actually have a fairly clean diet, we just eat too much.  My husband is 6 foot 8, and a big frame himself, he himself eats too much and I eat the same amount of food he does, that’s a shitload of food!   Over the last 5 years I have tried every fad diet on the planet, I have drunk lemon juice and tree sap (it’s totally gross and makes you gag), no meat, only meat, no carbs, no sugar, garcinia cambogia, detox drinks.  You name it, i’ve tried it.  I have begged my doctor for a miracle pill, gastric banding, liposuction anything to help, but the sad and simple truth is it’s my portion sizes.  The fad diets temporarily work, but each year I drop weight fast fall back into old habits and steadily gain 5 kilos a year, just as my doctor predicted, and now I have 35 kilos to lose.   This is my doctors recommendation – I am not on a diet, but I need to cut everything I normally eat in half, the increase in energy will help with exercising more and I should lose my weight over a fairly (and this is the disheartening part) long period of time.  I need to re-train my body and change my habits once and for all.  I also want to start making more of an effort with my appearance, if I say so myself I am quite pretty but I should be making sure I think about what i’m wearing before leaving the house each day, wearing make-up and spending more time on my hair.  I can look fab and I want to, every single day!

So that’s Project Lou.  I hope you will support me on this journey to finding my long lost sexy.

First up tomorrow, it’s undie shopping for sexy big girl panties so I can ditch my granny pants, wish me luck!