Lovely Avo’s

There is much said about avocados, their health benefits lovely creamy taste and the surprisingly extensive list of ways you can use them.   I have always loved avocados and have become somewhat of an avocado snob.  I get mine sent direct from a farm through a montly subscription, these avocados blow my mind each month, they are ridiculously good and have made me wonder just how old the ones in the supermarket are, how they are grown and why on earth did I ever buy them.  While farmer market avocados are a good back up if I have run out, they still don’t come close to my subscription avocados.  Every few months I get a different variety depending on what is in season.  I have not had a delivery for 3 months as there has been none in season but I recieved a delivery this morning.   I am so excited, I have missed these babies so much!

So what is my all time favourite avocado dish?  Avocado on toast with crumbled feta or homemade ricotta with a light scatter of fresh red chilli (or dried chilli flakes if our chilli plant is out of season), and sometimes a tiny drizzle of macadamia oil if I feel I need it.  Keep it simple!  There are a whole ton of desserts you can use avocados for like chocolate mouse, chocolate truffles etc which are really good but I do prefer to keep it simple with my farm avocados so I can enjoy their gorgeous flavour. 

I am an avocado snob and I am proud to be one! 





Today I joined a gym.  Every year I phone them up, grill them about membership prices and options and never sign up, I’ve been doing that for about 5 years now.  The main reason I don’t join is I have a very active big dog at home and I feel guilty exercising at a gym when he needs excercising too.  We have recently been told he has mild arthritis and needs to slow down a little, so now is the time I join the gym.

My husband managed to get home by 6pm so I thought I’d ease myself into the gym with the 6.30 pilates class.  Ease myself in with a pilates class -what a dick!!  Pre kids I always did pilates and yoga for years so I thought that was known ground for me and I could do it at my own pace.  I didn’t, I pushed myself and it hurt like hell.  I do feel very proud that I joined the gym and that I dragged myself out at night to do a class.  

We are going home to New Zealand for a family wedding mid February so I want to kick it at the gym for the next 5 weeks so I feel better about myself and get myself out of the overindulgence rut I seem to be in after Christmas.   I’m feeling chuffed with myself tonight.


Big week coming up

This week is going to be a biggie, and I’m quite looking forward to it.  I want each day to begin with a new form of excercise, I’m not sure what yet as it all depends on the weather.  If tomorrow really is only going to be 26 degrees then I will take my dog and head to the waterfront to give my learn to run app it’s third session.  If it’s hot in the morning then I will either excavate the tredmill and do my learn to run at home, or go to the open air pool nearby and do laps.  I have always been a swimmer, I used to be pretty serious about it until I was 17 and have always enjoyed it since. 

I also have a lot of personal ‘business’ I have to look after this week, which will be a challenge and I just hope I’ll get through it all.  Fingers crossed.

Night night all, sleep well.

Wedding day today

Not ours, but some very close friends of ours got married today.  Congratulations guys!

Today I left the house feeling fairly confident, great hair and good make-up.  It was over 30 degrees and a beach wedding, it took us half an hour to find a car park then a 10 minute walk to the ceremony in full sun through lounging beach goers.  It was also windy and by the time the reception started my lovely curls was full on sweaty beach hair.  Urgh.

Anyway, it was a beautiful wedding, not made easy by the rookie mistake of taking our 1.5 year old, but lesson learned.  

This is us halfway through;  


And towards the end;


Sleep tight.


I heard a word yesterday, and I must say I am quite taken with it.  Unafraid.   This was a word used to describe how one would like to be defined by in 2015.  I like it, I think I’ll join them!

Today I am feeling the overindulgence of the last week, my legs feel like lead and my lungs are heavy (I don’t smoke) (just to be clear).   Our diet has as always been good, a few extra snippets of Christmas chocolate and potato chips, but nothing to be alarmed by.  The main problem is our portion sizes have crept back up, our excercise limited and we have consumed too much alcohol.  This needs to change, now.  Tomorrow we have a very good friends wedding, however our kids have been invited and it’s a 1.5 hour drive away, so the consumption of alcohol should be zero (unless driven to drink by the time we get home).  Tomorrow I shall be unafraid, unafraid to enjoy myself while limiting my intake for the sake of my health.  I think I will ace it!


Hi 2015

Happy New Year.  2015 started with a bang for us, a big bang.  I could not be more in love with my family if I tried. 

So 2015 let me unvail my plans for you in bullet point format (it’s too hot today for anything other than bullet points);
– stay happy
– stay healthy
– stay positive
– lose weight (I’m not going to put a figure on it, it will be what it will be) (but it better be some) (a significant some!)
– phase out most of my granny pants, leaving only those for ‘that time of the month (insert eyeball roll)’
– sing loudly into my hair brush in front of my kids to Tiffany (very important life lesson in that)
– move closer to family
– learn to run 5 km
– pinch my kids bums every day

I think that will do, that’s a pretty lovely list.  I have just read these out to my husband who agrees, however he did add that we both already pinch the kids bums everyday and I do already sing loudly into my hairbrush to Tiffany in front of them all and it’s embarrassing.   It’s staying on list!  So enough said, 2015 let’s do it.


2014; how did it stack up?

That’s an interesting question.  2014 has been a weird old year, I am incredibly happy grateful and in love with my family, had time to reflect on so called friendships and make the move away from negative influences, and have decided once and for all that it’s time to move back to our families, back home.  All in all it’s been a pretty huge year!

My main triumph has been the realisation of who is important in my life and who is not. It was not an easy task I might add, but one that has made me be more honest with myself and focus and invest in those who really matter in my life.

So the positive steps we have made in 2014 have set us up for a fabulous year in 2015.  My main goal in life is to be happy and healthy, and if I can get that right my kids will be happy and healthy too.  Roll on 2015, we are ready for you!

Happy New Year everyone.   Invest in those who invest in you.